Installing a Minecraft Server


Installing a Minecraft Server

Minecraft allows players to create with a variety blocks in a procedurally generated 3D world. Minecraft is so popular that it is the most-sold PC game ever with more than 238 million copies.

A Minecraft Server is necessary for those who want to play Minecraft with friends. It allows users to connect with one central computer that will host the game software for all other players.

Minecraft Server Requirements

- A Windows 10 server or desktop with at least 4GB RAM is recommended
- A reliable wired network connection
- A generous Internet bandwidth plan. Minecraft can use up 100MB per player per an hour, so an unlimited bandwidth plan would be ideal.

If you are looking for ways to improve server performance, a server that has more RAM or a faster CPU may be the best choice. This will allow you to keep up with the demands of multiplayer servers. For more information on larger gaming servers, see our Dedicated Gaming Server solutions.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Open Windows 10 to download Java

Java 10 is the most recent version. Click on the.EXE file to install. After installation is complete, restart your computer. For the best performance, we recommend that you use the latest version Java. You should also keep any Java you have running up to date.

Step 2: Download Minecraft Server

Step 3: Open the Downloads folder, and move Minecraft Server

Step 4: Double-click on the Minecraft JAR file

Step 5: Accept the Minecraft EULA and set server properties

To accept the End User License Agreement, open the EULA.txt file. Update eula=false eula=true. Save the file.

Open the server properties file to adjust server settings. Save the file after you have made the necessary changes. The server properties file is used to set key server settings such as memory, port, and in-game settings. Port 25565 is default server port.

Step 6: Double-click on the Minecraft JAR file

Step 7: Allow the Minecraft server to be installed in the firewall

Step 8: Check the Minecraft Server stats

Step 9: Connect to your Minecraft Server

Click to Add Server

Enter your server details and click "Done". Google can provide the Minecraft server IP address. If your friends are not able to connect, you may need to allow access to port 25655. Remember that your home IP address can change frequently so you will need the latest details. A cloud server has the advantage of preserving the same IP address.

How do I set up port forwarding?

The instructions for setting Minecraft Server port forwarding depend on which router you are using. We recommend that you do a Google search to find out how to set up port forwarding depending on which internet router or ISP your using. This will complete the server installation process.