Someone Built a Working Plane in Minecraft


Someone Built a Working Plane in Minecraft

On the Minecraft subreddit MrCatFace8885 created a very impressive and frightening looking plane. MrCatFace8885 built a plane using Minecraft's slime blocks, pistons and Redstone. Although I don't think I would want to fly in such a loud, convulsing contraption,

According to MrCatFace8885, the entire contraption was built by them. They didn't use any preexisting designs, or any other videos to guide them.

Combining slime blocks with pistons can create basic machines. Because slime blocks can push and pull on nearby blocks, this is possible. This property can be used to create other machines, such as a fully functioning plane. S

This plane's capabilities are very limited. MrCatFace8885 responded to comments that the plane couldn't turn in any direction. It also can't land. It can only fly straight in one direction at a constant speed. It seems like the plane is constantly falling apart when you're sitting inside. It is wild.

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If anyone wants to play with this strange creation, MrCatFace8885 provides a download. Although the creator warns that this creation and all its moving parts could break on slower computers, he does recommend that you have a powerful computer.

I'm happy that planes in real life don't buckle and shift like this one. I know many people who fear flying. I believe that if planes behaved like this Minecraft plane, it would be difficult to get them to fly.